A Great Day With Author, Roger Kahn.

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I spent a very enjoyable day last week with author, Roger Kahn. Hilarious baseball stories, memorabilia, good scotch and poinient memories were plentiful. My ride home was made easy by a signed copy of his recorded book, "The Boys of Summer." My favorite quote shared was from Dodger pitcher, "Preacher" Roe. "Live each day as [...]

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Scott Barrow Installs "Time Pieces" at Fidelity Investments, Boston

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My "Time Pieces" series will be on display at Fidelity Investments in Boston for the month of May. In addition to these images a collection of Berkshire landscapes and portraits from my work with Berkshire Living Magazine has been installed in the creative offices there. The main lobby area of the show is available to the public and the secret to gaining admittance is to look presentable and to smile sweetly at Christine, the executive gate keeper. Fidelity is located at 200 Seaport Boulevard on the upper concourse in Suite 300, Boston, MA. The concept of "time" is the focus of the lobby images and my thanks go out to Kris Truta for letting me "borrow" her watch faces for over a year while I played with my ideas and to all who helped to install this show. And of course to the creative staff at Fidelity for being my audience during the month of May.

Flashes Of Hope / An Amazing Day in Boston

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I found out about this organization through ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) and volunteered to shoot for them at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. I was not sure what to expect, but I set up a small studio in a waiting area and as always when I take photographs, we had a great time. I offer my congratulations on a great modeling job to all of my subjects. Thank you for sharing yourselves with me. "Flashes of Hope is a nonprofit organization that changes the way children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses see themselves through the gift of photography and raises money for pediatric cancer research. The

portraits, taken by award-winning photographers, help children feel better about their changing appearance by celebrating it. For families of terminally ill children, it's especially important to have a portrait that preserves forever the beauty, grace and dignity of their child."

Communication Arts 49th Annual Photography Exhibition/Award of Excellence

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Scott Barrow wins Award of Excellence for his image "Dear Moshe" in the Fine Art Category.  "I came across this Hebrew typewriter during a photo shoot at an historic inn.  Except for knowing where to put my fingers, this machine was a mystery to me.  Not just the characters, but the feeling that it had [...]

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Scott Barrow wins Merit of Excellence

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Fine Art Photographer Scott Barrow of Lenox, Massachusetts USA was presented with the Black and White Spider Awards Merit of Excellence in the category of Fine Art at a prestigious live online Awards Ceremony presented by Black and White Spider Awards to recognize excellence in black and white photography […]

Europe And The Art of Shooting While Relaxing.

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In June of 2008 I had the gift of 2 weeks in London and Central France with the most important women in my life, my wife and daughters. It was a well deserved vacation and I realized just how tired I was when after 3 days I still had not taken any photographs. I did however sleep, explore and enjoy just being with my girls. Then on Day 4 in London the sun came out and I woke up to the visually unique environment known as Chelsea. The great joy and curse of being a location photographer is that photographs are happening everywhere, 24/7.If I leave my cameras behind I am destined to see something that I never could have dreamed of and all I can do is add it to that mental repository of visual experiences to be enjoyed by me alone. Perhaps these moments will lead to my future writing career. In the short run (now the long run) it mostly leads to a sore back from always having a camera along. It can also lead to disgruntled travel buddies because it can take forever to get anywhere with a photographer in tow. Even with patient companions like mine, photography is not much of a spectator sport. The secret on this trip turned out to be early rising. There is a fresh, new world out there everyday before dawn and I found that I could shoot for 3 to 4 hours everyday before anyone even knew that I was gone. They always woke up to the smell of fresh coffee and the energy of a very happy photographer. All this said, here is a brief sampling of what I found in London and later in the Lot River Valley of central France.