Places That Honor And Have Fun With Food

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What is it about a restaurant that makes you want to return? How are architects able to design an amazing space that supports rather than overpowers the food that is served there? It is a very subtle art. It requires great insight and a quiet ego to offer exceptional design and comfort on the same [...]

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The Towers

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The Towers were in my life, my work and my viewfinder for over 20 years. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey that owned them is still a client and the extensive library of my photography that they commissioned was in the Towers on September 11th. I did not lose anyone on that [...]

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Noche Flamenca at The Mahaiwe

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I spent an afternoon backstage with Noche Flamenca this week. It was a powerful performance put on by dancers and players that truly enjoy each others company. As their press release states: Noche Flamenca captures the essence of traditional flamenco without the use of tricks or gimmicks. Instead, the company relies on the exceptional talents [...]

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The NYC Easter Parade

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I am in New York at least once a month for work or play. When there, I spend all of the time that I can on the streets exploring. Searching for all of the photos that Jay Meisel hasn't found yet. So, I am walking down Fifth Avenue following a very cool hat and wondering [...]

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Escape From The Ice To Mexico

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We left the wonder of winter in the Berkshires behind for the first time and had a revelation in San Miguel De Allende. March can be warm and friendly and colorful in Mexico! Who knew? Well, evidently most people know, my wife and I just missed the memo. Despite how the media tried to terrorize [...]

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