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About “Dear Moshe”

I love typewriters. They are mechanical wonders that when used to their fullest potential seem as if they might fly apart at any moment. They are Noisy, percussive yet elegant and responsive. They are a tactile and immediate connection to our thoughts and feelings as we put them to paper. Our computer keyboards serve the same purpose, but they keep us at a distance. When your fingers dance across the keys of a Remington, a Royal or an Underwood you are one with the machine and that physical contact locks in the emotion of your words. Typewriters are collection points. They embrace your energy, your joy and your fears and become wiser with every correspondence. When I first saw this machine with the Hebrew keyboard I was smitten. It was foreign, yet familiar. The British Pound symbol “£ “ implies that it was in Palestine when the British were there. The keys are well worn, but dusty now. Did the owner pass on? Did he or she write poetry or manifestos? Or did they just write home?

Dear Moshe,

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