So It Looks Like I’m In The Beauty Business.

Several times a week I walk with a friend and his dog and we talk. His focus is on health care and changing a broken system. He is an advocate for the elderly. I am a friendly guy who puts people at ease and helps them to look their best. I capture the essence of a place and make it look like somewhere that you want to be. It is work to be sure, but while I am shooting it feels like play.  So I said to him, “You are a man on a mission. You are out to change the world.  I think it is about time for me to figure out just what my “mission” is.” His response was immediate, “Oh that’s easy, your mission is to bring beauty into the world.”

So today, several months later,  I am out in a snow storm, wandering about and looking for photographs a mile or so from home.  I pull over in front of a beautiful Victorian that is still proudly displaying it’s Christmas finery in February and jump out to take a photograph.  A door opens and the owner steps out  and asks who I am.  I introduce myself and she says, “Scott Barrow?  I love your photographs.  I went to your website the other day and was  astonished by how gorgeous they all are.  Thank you for bringing so much beauty into the world!”  I am not kidding, this really happened.  So evidently, I am in the “beauty business”.

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