Time to Celebrate!

We have five months of winter in the Berkshires
and it’s only just begun…

November seems the cruelest month to me.  Darkness comes before five o’clock and rain often fills the rapidly chilling air.  My blood is still summer thin.  Then the holidays arrive. Wood is stacked, fires are lit and my family gathers.  I unpack my “fat man” pants to relish the feasting in comfort.  Laughter ensues.  The transition from brisk to frigid, gray to white continues and then one day winter is just here.  Bracing winds freeze the ponds.  Snow tires adorn my cars.  It’s -7° on my morning run and yet I don’t really mind.  It’s the light, that crisp, winter light that skips over the fresh snow and reminds me that winter makes for wonderlands and that indeed

I live in a photographer’s paradise. 

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