Arthur Penn, Scott Barrow, Clyde Barrow and Coffee with Irving

Arthur Penn died this week. Bonnie and Clyde made quite an impression on me and so I was excited when I was the photographer asked to shoot Arthur at his duplex off of Central Park West for Berkshire Living Magazine. Directors can have very large egos and are not always easy to work with, but he was a playful, willing subject and when I got him to recline on his couch so that I could shoot him from the balcony his only comment was that he felt a little “Marilyn Monroesque”. We had coffee and looked at his brother Irving’s new photography book together. Whenever I moved my lights to a new location he rushed off to his home office because he was working on a new project and was very excited about it. He was 85 then. Spending the day doing what I love to do and getting to hear stories about Irving from Arthur. Now that was a very good day.

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