New Jersey Tourism Chooses Scott Barrow’s Image for 2010 Travel Guide

What many people don’t realize is that I have had a long love affair and as it turns out a distinguished career with the “Garden State”. It all began with trips to Bay Head on the Jersey Shore when my wife, Karen and I were living in the City (New York). In the early 80’s I shot a coffee table book on New Jersey and was amazed by how extraordinary it’s beauty and diversity was (and yes, I was one of those people who only thought of New York’s closest neighbor as the NJ Turnpike and it’s refineries). My book led to work for NJ Tourism and then to the Port Authority of NY & NJ and shooting at the airports. In one form or another the State of New Jersey has been one of my favorite clients for over 25 years. To have the cover of the Travel Guide again is great fun for me.

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